How Risky is Your Untreated Nail Fungus?

Nail fungus problem are disgusting and hated to the core by many. This condition is not rare; more than ten million Americans are suffering with this at any point of time. These infections are not that easy to get cleared off.


Nail fungus infection is caused by a type of fungi that thrives under the nails [both toe nail and finger nail]. It is better to Attempt the treatment for the nail fungus as early as possible.

There are certain people who are at greater risk of developing the nail fungus. There are few complications that arise from the nail fungus infection. Let us discuss about the people who at more risk and the possible complications here.

Nail fungus infections are common among the older people. The reason is that the immunity level in them will be compromised in most cases. Besides that the nail will be thick and grow more slowly in them. Thicker nails are highly susceptible for nail infection.

Genetics also plays a role in the development of nail fungus infection. Those with the family history of nail fungus infection are at the greater risk.

Another interesting observation is that men are more prone for nail fungus infection than women. The men develop more of toe nail infection than the finger nail infection.

The people who are smokers are at greater risk than the non-smokers. The smoker’s health will not be at its best. Then the people who perspire more are highly prone for nail fungus infection.

The reason is very simple, the fungi that causes nail fungus infection requires warm and moist environment. Likewise the people who are working in humid and moist environment are likely to have nail fungus infection than the others.

Those people who have to be on shoes during their work hours are at great risk of developing the nail fungus infection. Hence these people must make sure that they wear only clean cotton socks and shoe made up of leather.

Nylon socks and the synthetic material shoes must be avoided in total. Wearing gloves is recommended for those who need to have their hands wet for longer period of time.

Walking in wet public place barefooted has to be avoided. It is better to keep the nails from getting damaged. In case of any damage, the treatment must be initiated as early as possible. The nail injury can be the reason for nail fungus entry.

There are certain complications as discussed earlier. These complications can range from severe pain, bleeding etc to very minor discomfort. If neglected for long, these nail fungus infection can spread to the nearby skin and to the other internal organs.

Nail fungus infection can result serious complications in those who are already suffering from high sugar, high blood pressure and weak immune system.

Nail fungus infection can also lead to damage of the nerve, blood circulation problems, ulcers in the foot, open sores etc. hence prevention and early detection and treatment are the best as far as nail fungus infections are concerned.


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