How You Contract Nail Fungus and How Best you can Contain its Spread?

Nail fungus is also called as onychomycosis. Nail fungus in nothing but a fungal infection of the fingernail and toe nail. The fungi are s microscopic organisms.


Our finger nails and toe nail are provided with effective barriers which keep the bacteria, fungi and dirt at bay, mostly.

But in case there is a break in the barrier, the fungi enter the nail and start all sorts of troubles. The barrier that protects the nail is the one that prevent the medication to reach the fungus and delays the healing process.

The infection of the nail by nail fungus starts slowly. These nail fungus infection are difficult to treat once the causative organism [nail fungus] settles under the protective barrier.

In United States of America alone more than 35 million people are infected with nail fungus. This fungus prefers warm, dark places to survive and multiply. The nail provides the perfect place for this fungus to settle.

The women who are fond of using nail polish are more prone as the nail is damaged by the artificial chemical in the long run, thus allowing the fungus to enter and set up the infection.

The toe nails are more susceptible than the finger nails. The reason is that the toe nails are covered by the socks and shoes. T because of the poor ventilation, the nails become moist and warm.

As discussed earlier this environment is highly conducive for the fungus to grow and set up the infection. The nail fungus infection starts from the base of the nail and slowly spreads upwards.

The color, shape and texture of the nail may get altered. The color of the nail can become red to yellow and the nail will become brittle.

Nail infection though not life threatening, hated by many. Because discolored and misshaped nail will not be presentable. The people with finger nail infection will try to avoid the social gathering. Besides that person will have severe itching at the site of infection. In severe form of infection the person will experience severe pain.

In some cases, there can be bleeding from the affected nail. The person will have tenderness around the infected nail. In some the nail may get thickened and have white spots.

Irregular grooves can also be spotted in some cases. In very severe cases the nail may get detached from the nail bed and found hanging or may fall out totally.

The nail fungus infection is highly contagious. The fungus can spread from one person to the other very fast. Those who want to keep away from infection should not share the towel with the infected person.

Besides this one should avoid walking in the public surfaces bare footed. The hands and feet should not be kept moist for longer period of time. As much as possible the nails bust be kept clean. Toenail polishes can be avoided.

There are so many treatment options are available for nail fungus infection. Soaking the infected nail in salt water, applying over the counter ointments and prescription medicines for oral consumption are to name the few. One should be careful while selecting the option of oral medication because of the possible side effects of those medicines.



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