Improve Your Knowledge of Your Nail Fungus for Better Nailing Down the Problem

There are so many fungal infections that trouble the human beings. One such is nail fungus. Just like all other fungal infections, nail fungus is also caused by the fungus which multiplies in large number under favorable environment.


Many people are of the opinion that fungi and the bacteria are one and the same. It is not so. Though both organisms are microscopic organisms which can cause health hazards to the human being and other animals, the fungi are bigger in size and are more like plants.

Many would have enjoyed the mush room. Mush room is nothing but a kind of fungi. Most of the time, these fungi are harmless. But under favorable conditions these fungi grow and multiply and cause troubles which are difficult to surmount. Let us discuss about it here.

These fungi cannot trouble the individuals whose immune system is healthy and perfect. But these fungi can play havoc in those whose immune system is weak or compromised.

Older people, AIDS patients, and people who are on medications that lowers the immune status of the body are more prone for fungal infections like nail fungus, athlete’s foot etc.

Fungal infections in general take long time to show up the symptoms which requires treatment. In the same way, the treatment also takes long time usually several weeks to several months.

The fungal infections of the nail and skin are difficult to treat. White spot, athlete’s foot, ring worm, and nail fungi are the most common skin and nail infections.

The first line of treatment for these kinds of infections is topical antifungal ointments. There are so many treatment approaches besides this.

But the best thing is prevention. These fungal infections can be prevented with ease, if the person is determined. These fungi are seen all around us.

Some fungi are normal habitant of the intestine. By taking few precautions one can keep these fungi under control. The precautions required are discussed below.

The first and foremost requirement is the hygiene of the nail and the skin around the nail. The nail and the skin must be dry and clean always. If one need to work in wet condition for longer time [washing the dishes], there is nothing wrong in using the gloves.

After the bath, one must make sure that his finger and the foot is completely dry. Never use the common napkin or towel for the entire family. Each person must have separate towel for them. Using anti –bacterial soap is best for washing the hand and bathing.

As much as possible avoid walking bare foot in the garden while on gardening work. Especially in public places like swimming pool, gym etc never walk bare footed. Always wear cotton socks and dry shoes.

The cotton socks will absorb the sweat better leaving the foot dry. The fungi in general love warm and moist environment to multiply. One must have this in mind. Avoid nylon socks and shoes made up of synthetic material.

In case the person is having the habit of visiting the saloon for manicure and pedicure, then they must be careful in selecting the saloon.

Because the saloon maintained in unhygienic way can be a place for spreading the nail fungus from one person to the other.



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