Keep these Solid Tips Handy for Maintaining Your Nails in a Healthy State

Keeping the nail healthy is not a difficult task. But there are certain precautions that are required to be followed. As a thumb rule, if the nails are looking healthy then the overall health of the person if good. The persons with compromised immune systems are more prone for health hazards like nail fungus.


Hence caring the health of the nail is almost like caring the health of the person. There are so many ways of keeping the nail in good, healthy condition. Let us discuss about it here.

The best way of dealing with any disease condition is prevention. This hold good for nail fungus also. The fungus that can cause nail infection likes the warm, humid and moist condition for their multiplication.

These fungi are harmful, when they multiply. Hence if the nails are kept dry, then the fungi multiplication is not possible, so also the nail fungus infection.

Wear always cotton socks. Wear only closed shoes preferably made up of leather. Try to avoid foot wear made up of plastic and any other synthetic material. The leather will have minute pores that will allow proper ventilation to the foot. Never wear tight fitting shoes.

This will prevent the entry of air in side thus making the toe nail warm and moist. Clean the hand and make it dry as quickly as possible, leaving no chance for the nail fungus to multiply.

It is advisable to avoid the nail polish. Because the chemicals in the nail polish may damage the nail and lead the nail fungus to set up the infection. the nail polish makes the nail water proof.

But the part under the nail will become moist and warm, thus favoring the nail fungus infection. In case anybody wants to use nail polish, let them select the light colored enamels.

These light colored nail polishes will allow the light to pass beneath thus making the part under the nail dry. On the contrary, any one uses the dark colored nail polish; they prevent the light from entering the part under the skin.

As the result, that part becomes wet and warm, favoring the fungi multiplication. The nail polish remover needs to be selected with care. Mild nail polish removers are better as the stronger ones destroy the nail plate and cuticle in the long run.

Never use plastic or acrylic nail polishes. The nail plate can get damaged while the artificial nail is applied over the original nail.

The glue used is likely to damage the nail plate of the natural nail. By any chance, the health of the nail is not up to the mark, and then these adhesives can cause very heavy damage.

Try to trim the nail often. Proper care is required while trimming the nail. It is better to use the nail trimmers that using the blade or knife. Any cut injury causes can pave way for fungal infection of the nail.

The women are fond of visiting the nail saloon. Those women must be very careful in choosing the right saloon. The unhygienically maintained saloon can be the source of infection.



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