Keep Your Knowledge of Nail Fungus on Your Finger Tips

The nail fungus infections are not rare, they are very common. Though these nail fungus infections are not life threatening, is considerer as social stigma. The discoloration and the disfiguration of the nail become clearly visible, especially if the nail involved is finger nail.


The sufferers tend to keep away from the public gathering as the others will feel embarrassed to shake hands and share the table with them. Besides that the nail infections in more severe cases cause pain and even bleeding from the nail.

These nail fungus infection generally start showing their appearance, where the skin and the nail meet. This portion is called nail bed.

From there on the infection spreads to the entire nail rather slowly. This infection doesn’t spread to the other organs, which are very good news and the infection is restricted only to the nail.

There are few other conditions those results in the discoloration of the nail; hence correct diagnosis is imperative otherwise the treatment attempted may go waste.

To confirm the nail fungus infection, the dermatologist will send the portion of the nail to the microbiological laboratory in order to find out the presence of fungus that causes nail fungus infection.

The other problem with this nail fungus is that spreads fast from one person to the other. Nail fungus infections are more common in those who have weak immune system. Older people are more prone because their immune system will not be at its prime state.

The people, who are absolutely healthy and have very strong immune system, don’t get these infections. Once the fungi set up the infection, then it is really hard to come out of the problem. The reason is that these organisms get located in a place where the antifungal agents reach with ease.

The fingers and toes must be kept dry as much as possible. This will prevent the nail fungus infection because these fungi can grow and multiply only when the environment is moist and warm. The person must stop moving about in barefoot in the wet places such as public bath rooms, public swimming pools, side walks.

The fungi that can cause nail fungus and athlete’s foot can be seen in abundant quantities in those places. In case there is a need to use public bath rooms [at gym] the person must wear water proof footwear’s and foot must be dried as early as possible after the shower.

The treatment options for nail fungus infection are plenty. Over the counter medications and ointments can be tried in case the infection is mild.

In case of well established infection, oral antifungal agents are the only solution. These medications must be consumed on daily basis continuously for few months.

The problem lies here. The side effects of these oral medications are the cause of concern. In some these continuous use of medication can result in liver damage as these medications are metabolized in the liver.

The doctor will be periodically conducting the blood test in order to assess the damage caused to the internal organs. Besides that the doctor will also advise the patients to watch for few symptoms that are listed below.

They are nausea, fatigue, pale stool, loss of appetite, rashes in the skin, lymph node enlargement and bleeding. In case the person notices any one of the above mentioned symptoms that needs to be reported to the doctor who in turn will take corrective measures.



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