Learn How You can Outwit Your Nail Fungus with Proper Hygiene?

Nail fungus is more of social stigma than the health problem as it is not life threatening. These infections develop slowly, but are very difficult to cure.


That too if the infection is fully established, which means total discoloration of the nail, then getting rid of the fungus from the nail is too difficult.

The treatment duration is not few days, it is few months. Finger nails are easier to cure than the toe nails because of the thickness difference.

In most cases there will be disfiguration and discoloration of the nail. But In very severe Infection bleeding can be noticed and pain can be felt. There are few tips to outsmart the fungus. Let us discuss about them here.

If you the person frequenting saloon, then make sure that the saloon you are visiting is following good hygiene standards. This is very important because many women pick up the nail fungus Infection from the saloon through infected tools that are used there.

Ask many questions to clear your doubts about the hygiene standard followed there. If the saloon is the reputed one, then there won’t be any difficulty in getting a brief about the hygiene standards followed there.

The owner or the manager will explain in detail about the cleanliness of the saloon. Reputed saloons will sterilize their equipments.

The emery boards that are used for each patient cannot be sterilized, hence disposed of after one time use. This needs to be checked.

Then check on the experience level of the manicurist and other technicians. Go to the saloon which has experienced and qualified manicurist and technicians. In experienced person may damage the nail thus paving way for the nail fungus infection.

In case you are not satisfied with the hygiene standards and you don't have any saloon that suits your liking in the near vicinity, then you can take your own equipments to the saloon. Many saloons will not object to this as they will get paid for their service.

Keep the nail always clean and dry. Healthy nails are hard to get infected with nail fungus. Since the fungi require warm and moist environment to multiply and set up the infection, clean and dry nails are not the ones these fungi are looking.

As much as possible one should try to keep the cuticle intact. Tell the manicurists in advance that the cuticles should not be cut.

Allow the manicurists to push the cuticle instead of cutting it. The nail may get separated if the cuticles are cut. The fungi also can get entry in to the nail through cut cuticle. Hence in order to avoid both cutting of cuticle must be prevented.

It is always better to make visit to the dermatologist once in a year. Those who have history of nail fungus should do this without fail.

Prevention is the key as far as nail fungus infections are concerned. As discussed earlier the cost of the treatment and the duration of the treatment is more for nail fungus infection.

The person must avoid walking bare footed in the wet areas. The foot and fingers must be dried as early as possible once they become wet. The footwear must fit the person correctly.

Neither too tight not too loose is preferred. The foot wear should never be made up of plastic or any other synthetic materials.

The foot wear must allow sufficient air flow to the foot. Leather foot wears are certainly better. Never share anything with the person who is having nail fungus infection as these infections are highly contagious.



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