All Fingers are not Same and Similarly all Nail Fungi are not Identical

Fungi are the microscopic organisms like bacteria and virus. The fungi are slightly bigger than the bacteria. These fungi cause various types of infection in human beings.


One such infection is nail fungus. As the name indicates the part affected is nail. Both finger and toe nails are affected. These infections are bit difficult to figure out because they start rather slowly.

During the initial stages diagnosing the nail fungus is very difficult. Generally people notice the problem only when the nail infection is established totally. The infected nail will appear yellow in color, have irregular ridges and spots, and will be thicker.

Nail fungus

Nail fungus loves the environment that moist, dark and warm. When such an environment is provided to them, they grow, multiply and set up the infection. People who are working in moist environment are more vulnerable.

The women who are regular user of nail polishes are more susceptible. Likewise the people who use tight fitting shoes made up of synthetic materials are highly prone for nail fungus.

Athlete’s foot

The fungus that causes a condition called athlete’s foot is tinea. The skin near the nail is first infected and the infection gradually spreads to nail. As per the dermatologist, nearly thirty percent of the athlete’s foot infection develops in to nail function infection.


Candida is the other type of fungal infection bothering the human population. Candida infects the skin seen near the nail. This fungus can infect the nail also and these infections are very difficult to cure. In United States of America nail infection with Candida is more common.


Dermatophytes are a group of fungus that can also cause nail infection. These dermatophytes are better known as a “plant that survives on the skin”. These dermatophytes are small is size and are known for its parasite like properties. These fungi are found in abundant in temperate regions.

These fungi feed on keratin. Keratin is nothing but the protein which is found in large quantities in hair, nail and skin. When this keratin is consumed by these fungi in large quantities, the body is triggered to produce more keratin.

This result in the thickening of the nail and the color of the nail also changes in due course. Such thickened nails gradually get detached from the finger or toe. Dermatophytes are also responsible some types of athlete’s foot, crotch rot and ringworm.

All types of fungi have one thing in common; they thrive well only in warm, dark and moist environment. If such environment is not provided to them, then the possibility of setting up the infection is more or less prevented. Hence keep the hands and feet dry and clean always.

Avoiding the acrylic type of nail polish is good, because these chemicals have the ability to damage the nail. Avoiding the public gym and swimming pool as much as possible is better since these fungi are found in abundant quantities in those places.

Wearing perfect fitting foot wear is must. The socks used must be clean and dry. Foot wear made up of plastic and any other synthetic material must be avoided.



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