Never Ever Allow Your Nail Fungus to Get Blown Out of Proportion

The nail fungus infections are certainly progressive as they grow very slowly and are really difficult to treat. The scientific name of the nail fungus is onychomycosis.


The affected nail will be thicker, discolored and disfigured. There can be white dots in the nail plate. In severe cases bleeding from the nail can be noticed. There can be mild to severe pain depending on the severity of the condition.

Toe nails are affected more than the finger nails. The reason is that the toe nails are thicker than the finger nail. Nails that are thicker are highly prone for nail fungus infection. Besides that the toe nails are covered by soaks and shoes, which make the nail warm and moist.

The fungi that causes nail fungus infection requires moist and warm environment, which is the reason for increased incidence in toe nails.

As per the recent statistical information, nearly ten million people are suffering from this problem in United States of America alone.

Nails and skin are made up a substance called keratin. The nail fungus feeds on this so called keratin. Dermatophytes are the fungi that are isolated in most of the nail fungus infection. The onset of the disease will be slow.

In some cases the symptoms may disappear for some time only to re appear again. This nail fungus requires prolonged therapy. There is no way that the infection will disappear without treatment.

The other important hurdle faced in the treatment of the nail fungus, is its location. These fungi reach and settle in a place which is not easily accessible to the antifungal agents. Though this nail fungus is not life threatening in general, hated by people because it gives very ugly look to the nail infected.

Men are more prone to nail fungus than women. The reason is men are likely to spend more time on gardening, gym, swimming in public pools etc.

In the military too, the men are serving in more number and those people are likely to use common bathrooms. Athletes are more prone for nail fungus infection.

The reason is that the perspiration levels are high after the workout which provides the favorable environment for the fungi to grow and multiply.

Among women, those who are having the habit of visiting the nail saloon are highly prone to nail fungus infection. The improperly cleaned saloon equipments are the source of infection.

There is no effective treatment that exists for nail fungus as on today. Topical ointments are effective in some people while the oral antifungal agents are effective in some other.

Oral antifungal medicines though effective are preferred as lost resort because of the possible side effects such as liver damage. There are several home remedies like use of tea tree oil, Listerine mouth wash etc which can be tried without fear because there is no side effects in them.

Surgical treatment is the other option which can be tried in most advanced cases. Visiting the dermatologist once in a year is recommended to prevent the nail fungus infection. Keeping the nail dry, clean and healthy is the best to prevent the nail fungus infection.



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